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Established : 2011
We are actively helping companies to setup profitable tracking businesses with Our white label server software.

GPSTracker.IO offers a variety of tracking solutions for your business or personal use, including our flagship, white label software, fleet tracking and management software as well as mobile tracking applications. GPSTracker.IO is a trusted and award-winning platform in the world.

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Complete and adequate facilities for monitoring and management of your vehicle/assets.

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Manage Your Fleet in Real-time

Track and manage any object in real time on your PC or phone. This includes: cars, buses, motorcycles, services, deliveries, heavy-duty trucks, taxis, cargo, construction equipment, etc.

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Track replay

Track replay makes your data come alive. With the click of a button, you can watch vehicles tracks on the map at the speed you desire. We've also made it easy to find and click on track points on the map to get more details.

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Engine Cut Off

Remote secure engine cut-off functionality that can help to recover a stolen vehicle.

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Points of Interest (POI) is a very useful feature both for organizations and end users. Any user can create a list of POIs for their own convenience - it can be just a couple of places (like home, work, supermarket, etc.) or include hundreds of POIs (for needs of the logistic manager) and then track device visitation of places.

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Alarm (SOS)

Alarm or event immediately sends notification in case of emergency.

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 fuel sensors or fuel monitoring can provide precise information on your driver's fueling location.

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Increase Fleet Efficiency

Use fleet tracking to analyze service-call duration and identify situations where unproductive time is being spent. Optimize routes relative to current traffic and weather conditions.

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Save Money

Using GPSTracker .IO,  customers start seeing ROI immediately. With our fleet management solutions, you can monitor and streamline labor costs and reduce it by almost 40%.

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Reduce Fuel Cost and Liability

You can reduce speeding, idling, and unauthorized usage with GPS fleet tracking. Use vehicle-specific reporting to incentivize driving habits that improve fuel efficiency.

Manage Your Fleet From Anywhere

This easy-to-use online GPS fleet tracking and management software is accessible from anywhere, at any time. View real-time fleet positions and historical fleet activity with easy-to-use lists and satellite/map imagery.
Configurable alerts for instantaneous notification of exceptional conditions.
A variety of reports for detailed and summary fleet information.
Dashboard of the entire fleet.

Easily Integrates With Your Business

Integrate real-time GPS fleet tracking location and other data into your dispatching, payroll, mobile-resource management, CRM and/or ERP systems with API Access. We provide all the sample code and documentation needed to get you up and running fast..


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Manage Your Fleet From Any Device

GPSTracker.IO Mobile Client is a version of our web-based fleet management software, but specially designed for smartphones or tablets and available in the iOS and Android app stores. The GPSTracker.IO Mobile Client is easy to use, intuitive, and uncluttered. GPSTracker.IO also provides a browser-based website optimized for hand-held viewing. Put the right information in the right hands with the GPSTracker.IO Mobile Client for mission-critical business management.